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Sunday, 10 January 2016

In Memory of a Great Cat

Twelve years ago I met a lovely cat called Jazz.

Jazz lived across from me and Cats used to watch him through the window.

Jazz had a beautiful face and a calm demeanour.

Jazz loved his mommies and everyone who loved his mommies.

I had the privilege of cat sitting Jazz so many times and I cherish these memories.

Jazz left us to cat heaven three months ago to play with Cats and all the other cats waiting for him. 

Jazz, you just don't know how much mommies miss you and think of you. But I think they know you are fine and that they are always in your thoughts wherever you are now. 


Kim Short said...

A lovely remembrance - we miss him so much but so grateful for the time we had. Thank you Majid.

Kim Short said...

A lovely remembrance of Jazz and we miss him still. Thank you Majid!