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Friday, 1 January 2016

Olly Jolly Says....

....Count Your Blessings

As I start my new year with a relaxing day, in a warm home, enjoying a cup of eggnog in my new beautiful cup gift along with freshly made idli with coconut chutney dropped off by My Dear Lovely Neighbour, I could not feel better.

But even if I was not feeling this way, all I have to do is listen to Sundari Bala Francis' Olly Jolly wise bee answering the question "what to do to make myself feel better":

"I just start counting my special blessing".

How to count your special blessings can be found in Olly Jolly Says Count Your Blessings by Sundari Francis-Bala. Book available via Amazon or by contacting me at

One of my special blessings inspiring today's article is having friends like the owner of Rumour Handcraft at Regina airport who sent me this beautiful mug, hand painted by Saskatchewan Artist Fran Walker. 

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