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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Night Jesus Passed By

The night before the Epiphany is a holy night. Some rituals say that Jesus passes by so the house lights are best left on all night welcoming Jesus.

The more relevant ritual is the making of Zalabiyeh, specially preparing the dough on this night so Jesus can bless it on his visit.

So one cat and I prepared the dough and kneaded and kneaded and let it wait for Jesus.

The next night, the dough, prepared in the right Zalabiyeh shape, was fried. It looked right, but did not taste right - I should have picked up on the fact that the recipe I used did not ask for any spices in the dough.

So my dear readers, specially the Lebanese ones, can someone please send me an authentic good Zalabiyeh recipe please?


Unknown said...

Did you add rose water, or orange blossom to the syrup?

somerville kitchen said...

i made the syrup separately and yes those were added to it. It is the dough itself that was a bit tasteless compared to the ones I had in Lebanon. Any thoughts on dough recipe?