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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tasty Tuesday

somerville kitchen special feature: One week's worth of delicious munchies from The Empress (see October 8 entry - And The Winner Is...). Power Point slides from the original contest entry.

Another new cooking adventure at somerville kitchen - I have never made butter chicken before and recipes were inconsistent, so most of the production was made up. But I did follow the instructions and use cream, add carrots and peas, and top it all with cilantro at the end. 

Result was an Indian food feast - butter chicken with rice, home made naan and raita, take-out samosas, pakoras, tandoori chicken and lamb, and chaat.

Take out Indian from Original Tandoori Chaat House (see October 12 entry - Indian Chicken and Fries)
For more information on Chaat, see September 23 entry - Fun Day in San Francisco)

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