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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

48 Hours of Airport Food - Day 2

5 flights, 6 airports, all in 48 hours. To keep myself sane, entertained and relatively healthy, I challenged myself to find interesting healthy food in each of the 6 airports (see November 9 entry - 48 Hours of Airport Food - Day 1).


My options were limited to a boring sandwich place, Pizza Uno with no vegetarian options but deep dish pizzas overflowing with greasy cheese, or i Que Bueno! Mexican Grill. Their chairs made for an interesting colourful setting so they won my business.

Baja Fish Tortilla with rice, beans, lettuce and tomato felt like a very healthy option (and was quiet filling and tasty). This was my best meal throughout the trip.


By far the worst stop. Other than Starbucks, there was a no name pub, Dunkin Donuts, and Brioche Doree which smelled good but had nothing with no abundance of cheese and cold cuts. 

This left me with a souvenir store where I picked up this snack mix made in Akron, OH (where is that?). It looked deceivingly good but once you open it, it was packed with tasteless raisins, some dried fruits and few peanuts. Had a bit and left it on an airport chair. 


Chicago Concourses B & C typically do not have anything interesting nor healthy. But I discovered an area in a no man's land between Concourse B and E with great options.

Johnny Rockets diner would have been my first choice - a tofu burger, skipping the french fries but not able to resist the milkshake. But line ups were long and I had a flight to catch.  

Wicker Park Seafood and Sushi is not open yet, so the other option was Cibo Express Gourmet Market - Waldorf salad, grilled veggie tofu on tomato basil bread and, healthy or not, Ritter Sport milk chocolate with whole almonds - eaten on an airport chair.

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