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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

48 Hours of Airport Food - Day 1

5 flights, 6 airports, all in 48 hours. To keep myself sane, entertained and relatively healthy, I challenged myself to find interesting healthy food in each of the 6 airports.


Vivano - my favourite offering at Starbucks. A smoothie of bananas, strawberries, low fat milk, ice cubes and protein powder. A naturally energizing drink to kick off the trip.


Needed something after the flight and before the rush-hour taxi ride to my hotel. And there was Guava & Java with its freshly squeezed guava juice waiting. Did you know that Guava has more vitamin C than any citrus fruit?


Chili's To Go was the healthiest option other than Starbucks. The tiled tables looked like they will make a better photo than those at Starbucks so that tipped the scale to Chili's. Buffalo chicken breast salad was the best I could do. Even though I skipped the creamy dressing, calorie count and fat content remained extremely high. 

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