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Friday, 19 November 2010

Les Faux Bourgeois Encore Une Fois

Birthday Celebration Part 2

Second time since the launch of somerville kitchen (see September 1 entry - Is Fraser the New Main), but this time for a special event, Les Faux Bourgeois did not disappoint. In fact, the experience was even more pleasant having been seated in the cafe side that becomes a private function room during the night - nice corner view, only 7 people in the room, plants all around us - very serene setting.

Tonight I opted for a seafood theme. The appetizer on special was Les Moules Mariniere but instead of their regular wine & garlic sauce, this was a spicy tomato sauce. And, of course, those came with Les Frites.

For the main meal it was Le Cabillaud - ling cod cooked over mushrooms and savoy cabbage, with manila clams and the most delicious cod and potato croquettes. 

The place remains the best value in the city for this kind of restaurant.

And given it is a birthday celebration, a cake was in order (but to share, it was quiet a bit of food already). The Nut Crusted Chocolate Silk Cake (perfect for some chocolate lovers that I know are reading this) was the choice, and brought out with a candle. Our waiter, most likely intrigued by all the photography of food during the meal, brought an extra long candle "so you can have more time taking pictures of the cake"...

Les Faux Bourgeois
663 E 15th 
Vancouver, BC

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