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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Caring Souls

Every holiday season, Ipsos Charity Fund runs a silent auction where employees donate whatever they want for sale by auction to other employees. All funds raised go to charities chosen by us. 

I annually donate a Lebanese feast delivered to the buyer's home. This year, it was my pleasure to prepare a feast for one of somerville kitchen's followers who donated hundreds of dollars in return for this meal. 

The package included:
- Drinks: Arak to start (with the appropriate glasses) and a bottle of award-winning Lebanese wine;
- Six "mezza" (appetizers) and pita bread (see Lebanese Feast) with mezza plates to serve them in
- Rice and chicken cake with salad (see Lebanese Feast)
- Baked meat Kebbeh with yogurt
- Lebanese sweets

All was packed in a box and delivered to her home with two pages of instructions on wrapping up the cooking and serving. I hope it was a pleasurable evening.

 Food and More for Sale
The above package is available for sale via somerville kitchen as of January 2, 2011. $325 for four people, $400 for six people, inclusive of all of the above and delivery within the city of Vancouver. Special rates for somerville kitchen public followers. To order or for more information, please write

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