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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Dining on Pieces of Art

A dinner invite at the home of a talented artist and author of cooking books is not to be missed. Not only the food was amazing, the presentation of everything, including the dishes of prep ingredients, made for a dinner appealing to all our senses.

As a true artist, she does not use recipe books and creates all her recipes from scratch. 

Dinner started with a salad with endive, oranges, blood oranges, peppers and home-made candied kumquat sprinkled with pecans, dates, mint and sea salt flavoured with Lady Hannah's tea.

An aromatic and flavourful soup followed. This was a thai inspired chicken/beef broth soup. 

The soup was decorated with fresh lime leaves, shredded carrots and delicata squash florets. 

The main meal was a delectable stuffed pork roast served with a vegetable medley (squash, beats and Brussels sprouts) and red rice. The pork was stuffed with a mix of anise-fig bread cubes combined with orange peels, candied fruits, walnuts and pine nuts spiced up with star anise, cumin, coriander, salt, pepper and Szechuan pepper. It was then marinated with tamarind and lime sauce. 

And no reason for dessert not to be as appetizing and appealing as everything else.

Pears stewed in spices with vanilla yogurt and candied kumquats served with a sparkle.

Thank you JaG!

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