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Monday, 27 December 2010

Festivities Continue Chinese Style - Part 1

Holiday festivities continued tonight with a home-made authentic Northern Chinese food dinner made from the host's family recipes. It could not have been a more perfect meal and evening.

Dinner started with a tomato, potato and egg soup. Light onion and ginger flavour that comes from the base before quickly frying the potatoes and adding the broth and tomatoes. Eggs are added at the end. Subtle, simple and scrumptious.

We then munched on salty duck eggs. Despite the warning of not eating the full piece in one bite, I did so and enjoyed the saltiness high. These eggs are wrapped in salt for at least 148 days then boiled for 3 hours. Salty, sensuous and succulent. 

Siu means BBQ in Chinese - so it was not surprising to learn that siu yo and siu ngap referred to BBQ pork and BBQ duck respectively - served with their corresponding sauces.  

Crunchy, crispy and succulent.

And for greens, we had stir fried choy sum. These greens were stir fried in oil and garlic. Dainty, delightful and delicious.

This would probably be the only dish I will attempt replicating.

But the highlight of the meal were those time consuming hand made tofu wraps. Cooked tofu with green onions, ginger and dry shrimps wrapped in soft dough and fried. I lost count of how many I ate.

Look for Part 2 - the digestive and desserts - in tomorrow's posting.

Thank you TaM!

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