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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day Brunch

The holiday festivities continued for the third day with a lovely boxing day brunch. The hosts welcomed us into a beautifully decorated home including this gorgeous hand-made gingerbread house.

The meal started with a festive looking healthy fruit salad followed by two platters of "strata".

Strata, I learned today, is an overnight breakfast casserole. The brunch featured two of them; a ham and cheese one and a salmon, capers and cream cheese one.


What made these strata even more special is that they were made with an old fashioned home made white bread. 

This bread is from an old no-knead recipe and includes rising in the fridge in a process that takes two days to complete. 

And as if all of the above was not novel enough for my "searching for culinary variety" spirit, the dessert was a delicious sauerkraut chocolate cake - yes, that is not a typo!

 Thank you GaK!

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