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Friday, 10 December 2010

Lebanese Stews Series - Loubieh (Green Beans)

The first stew to be featured in this series is "Loubieh" (Green Beans). As per Lebanese Stews Series Posting, these stews are made in steps:

1. Cut green beans in half and boil in salted water until they start changing colour. Drain and leave aside.

2. Cook beef cubes in a pot with no oil, on very low heat, until all meat liquid is evaporated. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

3. Add cooked green beans, chopped tomatoes (fresh or canned), and 1 tsp of Alleyeh (see December 9 entry - Lebanese Stews Series), boil until tomatoes are cooked.

The stew is served over rice and vermicelli. 

Specifically, you start with cooking the chopped dried vermicelli in a pot over high heat (with no oil). This does not take long and it can burn easily, so watch it.

Once the vermicelli changes colour, add water and salt, boil and add rice, cooking it as usual.

Have you noticed that there is no oil or fat of any sort in the whole meal? Told you Lebanese stews are healthy and very tasty. Try it.


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