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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Contest Winner Cooking Live at somerville kitchen

Back in October (see October 8 entry -  And the Winner Is...) Empress was the winner of a one-week-menu contest. Her prize was to spend a Saturday cooking her favourite meals from the blog. And today was that Saturday where the Empress, along with the runner-up, joined me for a day at somerville kitchen. This is what was waiting for them:

The menu Empress chose included:
- Humus (see Lebanese Feast)
- Mehshi Warak (see Mehshi Warak)
- Rice and Chicken Cake (see Lebanese Feast
- Mom's vegan lentil soup (see Mom's Vegan Lentil Soup

The two ladies got busy very quickly squeezing lemons, chopping onions, cutting potatoes, preparing the meat, and rolling vine leaves. 

They were also taking notes, asking questions, drinking wine, munching on Empress's authentic Hungarian Kaposta Testa (see October 25 entry Moody Monday) and having fun.

Four hours later, and prior to them leaving with full meals to wrap up and serve at their own homes, we settled for tea and Anita's lemon and chocolate cupcakes. You now see why it is worth keeping an eye on somerville kitchen contests!

Thank you both for the fun and all you brought with you.

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