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Sunday, 5 December 2010

somerville kitchen Four Months Anniversary

Four months ago today is when somerville kitchen was launched and interest in the blog continues to rise. November had the most page views of any of the past four months (763 page views) and December is proving to be even stronger with 248 page views in the first 5 days of the month only. Visitors are from five continents and covering many countries as you can see on somerville kitchen world globe on the main page. Special thanks to Shaktea's featuring the blog on Facebook and to Zucchini Mama featuring the blog on her own's

And in line with some of the previous months' anniversaries and as a thank you for all the loyal followers, this celebration also includes a contest, so read on...

The Contest
Yes, you guessed right, the contest has to do with baking. As you see, my bread box rarely has bread in it. It is used for more fun items such as cupcakes, snacks and chocolate bars.

But a dear friend challenged me to bake her a gluten free bread and I have no idea where to start. So if you have a recipe for a loaf of bread that meets the following criteria:

- No wheat
- No gluten
- No corn
- No yeast
then please email to 

The Prize
The person submitting the recipe my friend chooses will win a pot of one of the soups featured on the blog (just search for soup and see your options) along with a loaf of the bread you provided the recipe for. Looking forward to your submissions and thank you all for reading and following. Enjoy.

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