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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Happy Birthday Tanya

As a regular follower and a big fan of somerville kitchen, Tanya had the option of designing her own birthday dinner menu from the blog. Here is what happened:

She asked for Fatteh, she received two of them!

A chickpeas "fatteh" (one on the left) was featured on September 10 Eid Moukarak. But somerville kitchen realized that Tanya had tasted and loved a different version of "fatteh" - the eggplant one (on the right).

To make sure all bases are covered, both chickpeas and eggplant "fatteh"s were made.

She asked for an item that is not on the blog, what would one do?

While not featured on the blog before, one could not say no to the birthday girl. This is one of her favourites - German meat balls (made with ground turkey for Tanya) poached and simmered in a lemon cream capers sauce.

Delicious - if you'd like the recipe, just ask for it by email and you shall receive.

She asked for the Chicken & Rice Cake, but did not know it can hold a candle.

Featured in the summer on the blog (see September 25 entry - Lebanese Feast), this is a festive dish that was a perfect request from Tanya. 

The candle barely held and melted a bit in the hot rice. But one cannot argue that it made a great impact for a birthday party.

She did not ask for a cake, but what is a birthday party without an Anita Cake?

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