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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Dining Iranian Style

The Iranian weekend adventure (see Shopping Iranian Style) continued with an authentic feast at Cazba - a restaurant described by my Iranian escort as the most authentic in the city. This was confirmed by a crowd that is 90% Iranian. 

 Cazba Restaurant
 132 West 16th Street
North Vancouver, BC

The first serving though, Barley Soup, was returned to the kitchen because, according to my escort, it was oily and not done right. Ash Reshte was the replacement, a hearty soup of noodles, vegetables, beans and lentils. The food was uphill from there.

A green salad of lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes covered with a light mayonnaise sauce is the kind of salad every restaurant in Iran starts the meal with. 

The appetizer was Kishk-e Bademjan, which is simply deep fried eggplant, pureed, and covered with Kishk and fried mint.

Kishk is a middle eastern additive to food that varies from one country to another. The Lebanese version is yogurt and cracked wheat, while the Iranian version is similar to whey (learn more at wikipedia).

The meal progressed to a platter of freshly grilled meats served with broiled tomatoes and Iranian rice. I learned that I should mash the tomato in the rice, mixing it in it.

The meats included Koobideh (ground beef kebabs), Barg (tenderlized steak) and Jujeh (chicken kebabs). 

We were so stuffed that we could not face dessert right there and then. But after a stroll to Yaas Bazaar, we were ready and ordered strong Iranian tea with Iranian cream puffs - right on bottom shelf below (very similar to the typical one we find here, but the dough is fluffier) and a nicely flavoured rolled cake filled with cream and pistachios - left on bottom shelf below.

You will be greatly missed Masi!
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