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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Shopping Iranian Style

A rainy Saturday is definitely not the time to hit North Vancouver, where rain is the heaviest. 

But the opportunity to discover the hot Iranian shopping spots with an Iranian escort was not to be missed.

Stop 1: Ayoub's Dried Fruit & Nuts - Lonsdale @ 14th

This is one of the most interesting bulk food places I have seen in the city. The ambiance resembles a fancy Persian palace where Omar Khayyam would have recited poetry to beautiful maidens. The uniqueness of the selection of nuts and dried fruits (even vegetables) confirms that we have been transported to far away lands. 

Roasted sunflowers that are over an inch long, dried figs and mulberries, dried vegetables including green beans are just a small sample of the exotic finds. Worth the trip.

Stop 2: Yaas Bazaar International - Londsdale @ 19th

Yaas means jasmines in Iranian and this space is as exotic and exciting as the beautiful smell of jasmines.

This is a one stop shopping by all means. You can buy your groceries, toiletries from both North America and Iran, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, kitchen utensils, CDs & DVDs.

There is also a section for freshly baked goods (you see them making them right there and then) as well as hot savoury foods cafeteria style. 

Clean, friendly, alive and a reflection of the variance of the Iranian land, culture and people.

Stop 3: Rex Bakery - 16th @ Lonsdale

The cutest bakery where you can buy to go or sit and enjoy a cup of strong Iranian cake with the sweets of your choice. 

Too many sweets to describe, just as many tempting ones to try. Textures varying from the doughy and fried, to the dry cookies, and the creamy syrupy cakes.

A tour to remember. 

 Thank you Masi!

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