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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Could This Be THE Best Street Food Vendor?

Those of you following my Street Food Vendors Series realize how frustrating it has been to find a good one so far (links to previous features below or click on Street Food Vendors Series under Labels on the right).

But on this beautiful sunny day, around the newly reopened stylish Hotel Georgia, La Brasserie Street was a perfect addition to the day.

The power of focus in business - La Brasserie Street has two offerings only: Brass Chicken Sandwich - a beer brined rotisserie chicken in gravy topped with crispy onions - and "Botter" Tarts.

The chicken is served on a buttermilk bun that tastes like it was just baked. 

The somerville kitchen street food vendors' committee members described this sandwich as:

"Turkey dinner in a bun"
"Yummy in a bun"
"French version of a sloppy Joe"
"Poutine in a bun"

 And all for $6.25!

Then there were the "Botter" tarts. Those "Botter" tarts are only $1.79 each and were described in a taste test as...

"nicely crafted pastry shell; light fine proper consistency with pleasant filling that is slightly more sweet and slightly less "butter" than industrial made - believably home made"

Tasting the freshness of the bun and seeing those tarts, you'd think they own an on-the-street bakery behind the cart.

Centrally located, you have no excuse not to try it if you are in Vancouver. I will sure go back there. 

With such success, no wonder the owner/server/manager cannot stop smiling.
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