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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Fraser Street Adventure Part 1

An Empress, a Lady and a Blogger head out to Fraser Street on a 3-hour exploration. Here is their adventure store by store.

Ken Farm Market, 6210 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC 604-325-8522

Not necessarily my favourite produce store on Fraser, but those beautiful looking greens caught my eye. They are called Red Yan Choy, and, according to the cashier, they taste good steamed. I think I will just stir fry them with garlic and olive oil like I do my spinach and chard - will keep all posted.

Galaxy Bakery, 6340 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC 604-323-8022

Beautiful looking bakery, all the moon cakes individually wrapped, and the sweets all look colourful and nice. But I am yet to find a Chinese bakery where the baked goods actually taste good. Group members who left with no breakfast were getting hungry and three Sweet Rice Cakes were bought. Gooey, extremely sweet, thick and floury, I don't think any of us will repeat this purchase.

Produce Market Place, 6350 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC 604-321-1089

This place has more meat than produce, but the meat sold is definitely not for the masses. The above are samples of two of many animal body parts and organs sold here - pig noses and beef hoofs. Any recipe suggestions??

Apna Bhaia Sweet Shop, 6616 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC 604-323-2805

By far the best shop for Indian sweets in the city - the selection is amazing, the owners are friendly and you pile the sweets into those beautiful cardboard boxes (with no charge for the box). I limited myself to seven sweets, skewed to my taste in white, sweet and creamy desserts.

Breka Bakery & Cafe, 6533 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC 604-325-6612

Having finished exploring the east side of Fraser Street, it was time for a break. Breka Bakery & Cafe is open 24 hours and, with a constant line-up at the cashier, you are assured of fast turn over of baked goods and always ending up with fresh ones. We hung out and munched on poppy seed roll and apple strudel, as well as some freshly fried Pakoras from our previous stop.

- Intermission -

In a Bollywood movie fashion, we will take an intermission. The Empress, Lady and Blogger's west side of Fraser Street Adventure will resume in 7 days. Tune back next Saturday August 20 for the conclusion of the adventure.

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