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Friday, 12 August 2011

Light Summer Eve, Light Curry Dish

I read about this trick in a Californian cookbook once. I thought tonight is a good night to try it.

Kitchen Tip: Rather than have a heavy creamy curry sauce, just mix curry spices with a bit of water turning them into a paste. Fry the paste in a bit of vegetable oil, add the veggies and enjoy!

Now what veggies to use? Throw in all you have in the fridge.

I had a bit of mushrooms, hot peppers and beans. To add some colour, I picked up a few tiny orange and purple carrots from le jardin. A corn on the counter? Why not, let's add to the mix.

I first started with the carrots and beans that cooked pretty quick, added the mushrooms and corn and covered the pot for a couple of minutes to steam the corn.

And it is ready! I sprinkled some jardin chopped chives and basil and enjoyed over rice. Very flavourful, not overpowering and definitely light.

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