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Monday, 15 August 2011

Yummy Yummy Chicken Salad

Busy Monday, leftovers of roasted chicken in the fridge, why not prepare a freshly made chicken salad.

One apple, one carrot, a couple of jardin celery stalks, a jardin cucumber, dill pickles and I have all I need to prepare a yummy chicken salad.

I chopped the chicken first, then chopped equal amounts of each of the other ingredients to make a total of twice the amount of chicken.

Chicken salad = 2/3 (apples = carrots = celery = shredded carrots = cucumber = dill pickles) + 1/3 chopped chicken.

Add a bit of mayonnaise (don't over do it), some pepper and mix. Voila, a tasty, fresh, healthy chicken salad.

Lay some jardin lettuce on sliced white bread, spread the salad and enjoy with a variety of veggie chips. Add few jardin raspberries to spice things up.

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