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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Yet Another Decent Street Food Vendor

The somerville kitchen street food vendors' committee set out today searching for nourishment. The ones we wanted to try were nowhere that they listed themselves to be.

After crossing Hastings street from Jervis to Hornby, we stumbled across a food vendor we have not tried - arturo's mexico to go.

Long line ups were a plus, the guys running the place speaking Spanish with each other was a plus, the wide selection of meals was a plus, so we lined up ready to try.

The special of the day looked amazing... "wild sockey smoked salmon on a corn tortilla, dressed with chipotle aioli, shredded cabbage & fresh mango, pico de gallo salsa and served with a jicama and cucumber salad".

I was drooling, but alas, no luck. They ran out of salmon by 12:50 pm and I was left with the Burrito Salad Bowl.

The salad was fresh, filling, packed with rice, beans, vegetables and shredded chicken. I did like it.

But the highlight of the visit was a nice glass bottle of Fanta. I have not had a Fanta since I was a teenager, let alone a Fanta that came directly from Mexico (all the writing on the bottle is in Spanish).

An enjoyable touch to add to the enjoyable meal, and now I have the empty Mexican bottle as a new gadget for le jardin.

Will I go again? Yes. The ordering process was long with line-ups and food prep, but that is the price one pays for quality food. I just wish I will catch that salmon special next time before they run out of salmon.

We are now up to six street food vendors and the good stuff is starting to emerge. Any suggestions of ones to try, please email to

For reviews of other street food vendors, check the label - Street Food Vendors Series - to the right hand side.

Arturo's Mexico To Go on Urbanspoon

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