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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Blogging Live From Regina - Day 1

I bet my regular followers missed my Eating on the Road stories, so here I am indulging you live from a 30 hour trip to Regina & back. Buckle up, read and enjoy the flight.

With over 2 hours layover in Calgary, I wanted somewhere to sit comfortably, eat and work. The Molson Brewhouse overlooking the airport and my beloved Westjet seemed like a good choice.

I was leery about this place, but the menu looked interesting and better than what I saw at many airports, so in I went. Big mistake.

This is a "fresh turkey breasts" sandwich with avocado on toasted bread. I should have been prepared for the worse when the sandwich appeared in less than 3 minutes.

The bread was toasted in the morning, the turkey was from a cheap deli, and the sandwich was soaking in the salad's vinaigrette. I don't recall seeing the avocado!

Three hours later, I am in hot sunny Regina, too lazy to venture out and ended up eating at the hotel restaurant. Another mistake.

The salad, well just look at it. I was so home sick for le jardin lettuce and tomatoes.

For main meal, I ordered "chicken breast with pesto in a rose sauce" - fancy...

Well, it wasn't. The chicken breast looked like either a breast sliced into three thin layers where I got only one of the layers, or deli chicken sliced on the thick side. The rose sauce tasted like canned pasta sauce with a Tbsp of cream added to it. The vegetables were obviously (cheap) frozen packaged ones.

After all of this, we did not dare try the desserts no matter how good they sounded. But a "special" order of fruit and brownie salvaged the evening.

10 of the 30 hours of the trip are over, so I am literally one third of my way home. Wonder what tomorrow's breakfast and lunch will be. Tune back in for Blogging Live From Regina - Day 2. Till then, good night!

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