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Friday, 23 September 2011

Blogging Live From Regina - Day 2

After yesterday's horrible on the road food (see Blogging Live From Regina - Day 1), I woke up today to a beautiful prairie warm sunny day, feeling optimistic about better food.

Last night, I put one of those hotel breakfast pre-order forms that you hang outside the hotel room and was waiting in anticipation for a platter of fruit and granola and chilled orange. Here is what I got.

An empty desk waiting for no-show breakfast. After 3 phone calls to the front desk, the restaurant and anyone who would listen, it was identified that I forgot to leave my room number on the form. I screamed "But you picked it up off my hotel room, what other room would it be for?" and canceled the order.

My colleague, a researcher extraordinaire, felt sorry for me and did her research to identify a decent restaurant in the city and we ended up at:

La Bodega Regina
  2228 Albert Street
Regina, SK

Alas, at last a decent meal on the road. While I was expecting some interesting Spanish tapas on the menu, it was mainly pub kind of food.

Nice weather; we sat outside and I enjoyed a Carmen Creek Bison burger. Tasted fresh, allowed me to try something local and feel somewhat better about eating on the road.

But the Best part of the trip was shopping at this favourite small shop at the Regina airport. It is called Rumour Handcraft, ran by the sweetest woman. I never leave Regina without picking up some of the goodies she carries - all made by locals. Today's bounty included:

- beautiful, comfy hand-made sheep wool slippers for the approaching winter
- wild rice (with recipe book) grown in Northern Saskatchewan
- The Picnic Basket watermelon iced tea mix that is made by a local in her own house
- Riverbend Plantation green tea with Saskatoon berries
- Riverbend Plantation chocolate hearts with Saskatoon berries

And now, at last, home sweet home! Happy Weekend everybody.

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