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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Decisions Decisions

I hate making decisions about what to eat. So tonight I tried to keep it simple and have a BBQ, but then suddenly I was faced with one decision after another within the BBQ Plan.

Decision 1 - The Steak

You'd think BBQing a steak is mindless. But no, should I have BBQ sauce or something else? The Budweiser BBQ sauce is good (yes, they make those too), but I opted for trying my new barter gift from Saskatchewan (see yesterday's post) - Rip-Roarin Raspberry fruit spread.

An excellent decision - this spread is spicy, fruity, tasty and tangy all at the same time. I don't think it will last long. Thank you Saskatchewan lady, you know who you are!

Decision 2 - The Potatoes

Fresh new potatoes from a newly discovered Farmers Market on Oak and 49 (Every Wednesday pm, small but has all the fresh vegetables and no peripheral useless stuff). Given the freshness, it was decided that those should be steamed and drizzled with butter and lemon juice.

But what to add to them? Jardin chives or jardin fresh oregano? After a bit of deliberation, I went for a combination of both. Good decision!

Decision 3 - The Salad

The last of the jardin lettuce (will sure miss them). But should I add jardin cucumber and/or non-jardin tomatoe to them? Unfortunately, I should have stuck to the lettuce - those jardin cucumbers are definitely not a hit and no non-jardin tomatoe tastes like anything these days.

What would have been YOUR decisions on all of the above? Comment away...

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