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Friday, 2 September 2011

The Blackberries

August was raspberry month (see details at The Raspberry Ritual)
. September is the blackberry month.

I love blackberries. And if they were not so invasive, they will be all over le jardin. But to keep them at bay, my jardin consultant advised that they are best encouraged to grow outside the garden, into the alley way.

A great solution, but...

...I now have an abundance of delicious blackberries that can easily become a nightly ritual. However, I also have an abundance of neighbours roaming the alley and picking them up on daily basis before I get to them.

So the solution was to let cats loose on the neighbours and assign him the task of protecting the blackberries. After all, cats cleaned up the jardin from all other animal intruders, why not the human ones?

Thank you cats, I can now enjoy a big bowl of delicious jardin blackberries.

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