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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Kerrisdale Farmers Market - Worth the Trip

Look what I discovered today; the newest farmers' market in the city - Kerrisdale Farmers Market.

On Saturdays, 10 am and running till end of October. Definitely worth the trip, read on...

The Vegetable Grandma brings in all sorts of goodies from her garden. Too caring and sweet to rip anyone off - a bag of dozen beats, radishes, blueberries, English peas, and lots of potatoes for only $14.00.

The Microgreens Entrepreneur carries these delicious baby greens. Today's box of baby arugula and bok choi is $5.00 and can make a bowl of salad for 6.

Enthusiastic about his business, you cannot but buy his stuff (and it is worth it).

The Potato Lady was as well enthusiastic about her potatoes. Local, packed in labeled brown bags, she carried at least four different kinds of potatoes, patiently explaining which ones will roast well and which ones are best eaten boiled or steamed.

A picture is worth 1000 words, the Bakeress was more than happy to help me showcase her lovely cinnamon buns.

The Humble Farmer was the first table I saw and I am glad I returned there for the only non-perfect looking tomatoes and cucumbers in the place, but I am sure are the best tasting. Will let you know tomorrow.

And finally, the Okanagan Guy, who I bought his fruit from the Oak and 49th Farmers Market on Wednesday, was here today. He only carries cherries, peaches and apples and I bought all three on Wednesday and then again today.

No trip to Kerrisdale is complete without a stop (albeit outside the market) at sweet e's. Tempted with all the creamy sweets, I settled for the delicious, healthy chef's muffin choice of Blackberry Cherry Pecan. Yum!

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