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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Lebanese Stews Series - Assasa (Beans)

Those of you who read my latest Lebanese Stews Series - Fasoulia are wondering why I am featuring what resembles the same stew all over again.

Well, in Lebanon, not all beans are the same. Fasoulia is regular beans, Loubieh refers to green beans and Assasa are fresh beans that are red and white on both the outside and inside.

This is the first time I find them in Canada, thanks to the latest trip to East Hastings (see Roaming Hastings Sunrise). And now I have the seeds, they are going to be all over le jardin next year.

The recipe is identical to the Fasoulia recipe, except that those beans are fresh and cook faster.

Note how they lose their markings when cooked. 

The stew follows the same recipes in any of the Lebanese Stews Series - cook the meat on low heat with no oil, season with salt/pepper, add the beans, tomatoe sauce, and "Alleyeh".  

A perfect meal for this fall evening.  

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