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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Putting Jardin Celery to Good Use

When neighbourly fat cat starts napping on le jardin celery, you know it is time to chop them off.

But what to do with all that celery? Celery soup came to mind, something I have not made before. Thankfully, a follower claiming the title of soup natzee was available for advice. And one knows one has to listen to her advice.

This is how I applied the advice.

I picked up all the jardin celery, cleaned and chopped. I fried some onions, added the chopped celery, salt, pepper, and chicken broth. I let that simmer until almost half the broth was absorbed.

My request from the soup natzee was advice on a celery soup without using heavy cream. She had a great one.

The idea is to prepare a roux (flour and butter) and add milk to it to thicken it. It means cleaning two pots, but the effort is worth it.

Once celery was cooked, I food processed the content of pot on the right, added the milk-turned cream from pot on the left, heated slightly, sprinkled pepper and enjoyed. Simply delicious!

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