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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I Love Credit Unions

I have been an exclusive credit union user for over 6 years now and I encourage everyone to switch all their money business to credit unions; stress free dealings, great rates, and you can use more ATMs than a bank without getting dinged, not to mention the good community deeds your business helps support.

And what is better than credit unioning is drinking yummy drinks from those lovely mugs with public service announcements. So what did I drink in those lately?

Hurry up and try this drink before blueberry season is over.

Simply fill the mug with one third blueberries and two thirds vanilla almond milk, process and drink - a great antidote for when you are craving those White Spot decadent creamy blueberry milkshakes and you know your body does not want all that fat.  

To make this next drink right, you need to use nothing but my favourite Shaktea organic cinnamon swirl rooibos tea.

Make the tea, add sweetened condensed milk and enjoy. This one is an antidote for those putting-you-over-the-edge heavy caffeinated Vietnamese coffees. Just as sweet, but tastier and have nicer colouring. 

You can also chill it (with the cream in it) and drink cold during this heat wave we are having.

Finally, the killer antidote to craving anything sweet.

Milk, blueberries, 1 Tbsp sweetened condensed milk and 1 Tbsp sugar beet syrup and prepare for a take-off to a heavenly sugar high.

Now that you are feeling the energy, call a credit union and become a member.


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