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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Roaming Hastings Sunrise - And Beyond!

Yesterday you read Roaming Hastings Sunrise - The Beginning

The Empress, Lady and Blogger, after roaming Hastings Sunrise, took a wheeled excursion to the other side of Boundary. And two of the three of our promised-to-report-on favourite discoveries were there. 

Here are the three favourites, from the runner ups to the best (according to me that is). 

Cioffi's, 4156 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, 604-291-9373

Beyond those very Italian looking door you'd find a typical Italian store, much like those reported on yesterday. However, what is not so typical is the butcher and meats here.

Excellent selection of all meats, and seeing the line-ups one knows that the turnaround makes all you see freshly cut.

1 lb of buffalo stew meat, 2 New York 8 oz steaks, 2 lbs of ground beef and 3 large chicken breasts for a total of $42.29. 

I am going back to Cioffi's.

Donald's Market, 2342 East Hastings Street,Vancouver, BC, 604-254-3014

This is one of three locations for this independent grocery store that I have not heard of before. Roaming its aisles was definitely an experience and located eye catching brands such as Hemp Bliss (hemp milk - I bought one so will let you know when I try it), Holy Crap cereal (which I bought as well and I promise a report), and Horny Goat Weed tea, which I did not buy.

Bosa Foods, 1465 Kootenay Street, Vancouver, BC, 604-253-5578

I cannot believe it took me 20 years in this city to discover this castle-turned-store. Bosa Foods is yet another Italian store similar to many we discovered this weekend, but with a fancy twist.

Once inside, I was like a kid in a candy store, spending close to $50 on goodies.

The goodies... red bitter, Aranciata Rossa blood orange soda, old-fashioned olive oil soap bar, green tea lemongrass mints.

But my favourites were the salse dolci piccanti - hot fruit base spreads with three different fruits and the flavoured olive oil gift box with six different small bottles of flavoured oils.

Thank you Empress for organizing the tour and both of you for all the fun!


Anonymous said...

What a memorable food tour day that was!! So many goodies to try!! Thank you both!!! It was such fun!!!

Anonymous said...

we love hastings nice to see your post about this food haven, including the old "helen's"!
guido e j