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Monday, 12 September 2011

Seeding The Zucchini

Kitchen Tip According to my dad, you should let one of your zucchinis grow to the maximum and use it for seeding. As the end of summer looms, cats and I decided it was time to seed.

Well, it was almost half the weight of cats, hitting 4 lbs on the measuring scale. That is lots of seeds.

While thinking about seeding, somerville kitchen also believes that wasting food is one of the deadly sins. But what to do with a 4 lbs zucchini?

I started by cutting it open to see what I was dealing with. The insides of it looked more like a squash than zucchinis; hmmmm, maybe I will just boil it and make a mash.

So the zucchini was cleaned out, several seeds put aside to dry, and the edible parts were put in a pot with water and set to boil. 

This was dinner!

Beautiful colour for sure, but the taste on the questionable side. I thought some lemon juice will enhance the taste and luckily one of my lemons was ready to use. The mash (mush) was eaten, but the real treat was indulging on the lemon itself.

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