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Monday, 24 October 2011

Eating with the Occupiers

Occupy Vancouver ( is, at the minimum, creating awareness of various issues in our country and around the world that are creating inequality, unfairness and disparity in distribution of wealth. 

Seeing so many people taking a stand,  sleeping in tents on those cold nights, is simply admirable. 

Even a minimal success of this action will mean a slightly better world to live in. If we cannot be there, we can at least support in small ways.

With food availability and sustainability as one of the issues this movement is raising, it was very appropriate for sommerville kitchen to provide a bit of help.

So yesterday, le jardin was transformed into a humus factory. 

Freshly boiled chickpeas were mixed with tahini sauce, lemon, garlic and water. The food processor was working overtime and as much humus as le jardin factory could handle was prepared.

Small containers that could be easily shared, passed along or sold at Occupy Vancouver were picked up.

And just like a factory, 18 containers were packed up with scoops of humus. Dozens of loafs of pita bread were also bought and the package was almost ready for delivery.
Realizing that going vegan was one of the issues promoted, humus was a great choice. 

But I needed to make sure people there are assured of what they are eating, so every container was labelled with the list of ingredients, date of packaging and 100% vegan certification.

Spending over an hour at Occupy Vancouver after dropping off the food there this afternoon was refreshing and touching.

I also heard a couple of speakers and got enlightened about some government bills that are being planned and their impact on our society and citizens. 

But the best was seeing this sign and hoping that the world will, one day, live by it.

To participate, learn, or contribute, see


Beespeaker said...

What a sweet thing to do. You rock!

somerville kitchen said...

Thank you Beespeaker

Soaring Star said...

I am so proud of you....Just awesome!

~T.E.~ said...

you have a wonderful generous heart M.K.!!!