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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Cozy Sunday

Great company, beautiful fire, made for a cozy end of the weekend.

The meal plan started with keeping leftover bones and sauce from last night's shanks (click for story) to make my first ever homemade broth.

The soup natzee will be proud of me simmering the broth all day, the smell cozying up the house. As the broth simmered, I was dreaming Scouse.  

Root vegetables were in abundance, so threw in potatoes, two types of turnips, carrots and squash.

The meat broth was exactly what I needed for the dish, so I mixed up all and put it in the oven for its 4 hours baking journey.

For a change, I decided to keep it simple tonight. Scouse, popovers and coleslaw.

With the sun out and a major food project for Monday (tune back in Monday night to read all about it), I enjoyed le jardin until sunset when guests arrived, popover production begun and Scouse existed the oven. 

Warm food, warm fire, warming Red Ass Rhubarb wine, warmth all around, with evening wrapping up with the guests' two layered marble cake.

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