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Monday, 17 October 2011

Lunching @ YYC

Up at 4:30 am, in Calgary by 9:15 am, back at the airport by noon with lots of time to kill and a very hungry stomach.

The food court options, while many, were not appealing. On the other hand, my favourite stop at YYC, Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut was getting my attention more than any savoury outlet.

Resigning to the fact that this is going to be a bad food day, I opted for the best of the worst restaurant options at YYC - Chili's. 

I have never seen freshly squeezed lime juice on a menu before so I ordered it. The waitress brought it with another glass: "it is very bitter you know, so I brought you some 7UP in case you need it". I thought "if it is so bitter, why have it as a menu option".

Just don't order it ever, and we will leave it at that.

Lunch was chicken fajitas. Smelled good, tasted like they were soaked in soy sauce. The fajitas were wrapped in plastic under that blue lid, and they had three tiny ones in there. So all in all, I paid $15 to subsidize the cost of the blue pan holding microwaved warmed plastic fajitas.

This sign of my flight taking me home couldn't have looked better.

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Norm Dorosh said...

Majid...... your photos bring your blog to life and are
so inspiring to both of us. We love your presentations
and ideas for the food addicts. Your blog should be
on You Tube!
Great job!