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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Vegetarian Sunday Night

For those of you who think Sunday dinners have to be some fancy meat production, read on and see what a fancy vegetarian dinner took place at somerville kitchen tonight.

The Appetizer

We started with falafel mini pita pockets.

Served with home made tahini sauce, jardin pickled turnips (Lefett), and chopped lettuce and tomatoes (those are the most common toppings for falafel sandwiches in Lebanon).

As for the falafel, don't get too excited. I did not make them from neither a mix nor from scratch.

Thanks to Sol Cuisine organic falafel - ingredients read very healthy and not overly packed with sodium. If you buy it, only follow the directions for frying them - all other methods will fail on you. 

The Drinks

My guest walked in with a bottle of wine all wrapped in this wooden apparatus. The idea is that if you are too drunk to figure out how to unleash the bottle from this wooden puzzle, then you don't need another bottle.

But it was early in the night and I figured it out in no time. 

The discovery was a bottle of Red Ass Rhubarb wine from Prairie Berry Winery in... South Dakota.

My guest discovered this winery on a road trip down south and brought this bottle. It is 90% rhubarb and 10% raspberry. 

Not a sweet wine, so it went perfect with the appetizers and the dinner. There is ample left so if anyone intrigued enough to try it, just pop over for a drink at somerville kitchen. 

The Entree

First, a jardin spaghetti squash showed up from the cellar (read full story at Invasion of Spaghetti Squash).

Then, the jardin peppers that I showcased last week (see Jardin Peppers), now turned yellow and two were kidnapped to go with the dinner.

All the vegetables I had in the fridge - celery, mushrooms, red and green peppers, and shallots - came out to meet the jardin peppers and tomatoes, along with jardin basil and thyme and made a beautiful vegetable sauce together.

This was poured over baked spaghetti squash (click for directions) - what a beautiful vegetarian dinner. 


The Dessert

Another discovery of my guest, Sweet Art Bakery in North Vancouver, a bakery owned and ran by Italian, German and French chefs. The bearer of gifts brought a glutton free almond cake made of almond flour. The cake was layered with a delicious strawberry mouse/cream filling and covered with white chocolates. Divine!

Thank you C!

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Masi said...

Gluten-free!? that's my kind of cake :-) remember to take me here whenever I'm in Vancouver next and we decide to take a trip to north van ;-)