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Monday, 3 October 2011

A Real Gem

I came across Gem Chocolates (see via Facebook connection and was honored to meet the owner/chocolatier and sample those delicious gems.

Berry Blue

Beautifully designed rooibos blueberry tea infusion in milk chocolate ganache.

Very tasty and very very blueberry. I can just imagine a box of those enjoyed with Shaktea's blueberry yogurt rooibos tea

Caramel Cream

Gem Chocolates' signature item, this is made with silky caramel crème with a hint of sea salt.

Simply delicious with a surprisingly intense caramel flavour.


Made with Madagascar vanilla bean infusion in a smooth, rich milk chocolate ganache.

Not as unique as the rest, but can get addictive very quickly.


The mix of exotic natural passion fruit in white chocolate ganache gives this one a beautiful intensity of flavour.

A nice centre, good sweetness that is not overly sweet. Definitely on the repeat list.


Described by Gem Chocolates as sultry blend of cherry and chili in dark chocolate ganache.

You can definitely feel the fine quality eating this one. The chili is not overpowering.

As I understand, a retail outlet is coming soon. But in the interim, you can access those chocolates via Gem Chocolates Website (

They sure are going to be on my Christmas shopping list, so be nice, you may get one.

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