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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday's Cholesterol Booster

It all started with shopping on Commercial Drive yesterday and seeing Cheese Curds for sale. I have never come across them before and all I could think about is homemade "poutine".

Sunday dinner shifted from something fancy to burgers and "poutine" - I had ground beef in the freezer, some buns, potatoes, jardin tomatoes, so I was all set.

But then I realized that I have never made "poutine" at home before? So the menu changed very quickly to burgers, french fries AND "poutine" - just in case the experiment fails.

The major production begun. First batch of french fries was dedicated to the "poutine". 

Then I got the burgers grilling, more potatoes frying and a chicken broth + beef bouillon cube + flour gravy happening.

All was ready to experiment with the homemade "poutine".

It was delicious. The sauce could have been hotter to melt the cheese better, but at least the taste was authentic.

A normal person would have had "poutine" for dinner on its own, but it was not a normal Sunday at somerville kitchen, but a cholesterol booster Sunday.


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