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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Buffalo Invasion

Special dinner guest, looking to make a special meal, so what is more special than buffalo.

My freezer seems to always be carrying some buffalo meat. So I opted for a buffalo meatball sauce over spaghetti squash.

Buffalo meat, breadcrumbs, horseradish and roll...

For sauce, I used a Northern Italian milk and tomato sauce recipe (see recipe at Italiano Night feature). And no, it is not a rose sauce, it comes out deceivingly red.

As the sauce simmered, it was time for an appetizer. 

Now my firewood provider read my blog story about him (see story at Lumberjack Meal) two days ago. He so appreciated the reference and the fact that I enjoyed his eggs that he dropped off another flat yesterday. 

So what's better than to use those delicious fresh eggs to make mom's baked omelette (click for recipe). Look at the beautiful colour of this omelette. 

Then down to the cellar to pick up a jardin spaghetti squash; a big one given there are many hungry people around the table.

45 minutes later, dinner was served.

Keeping with the buffalo theme, the sauce was dressed with a Sovrano Parmesan Cheese made with a combination of cow and buffalo milk.

All contributed to a nice mellow evening with a delicious meal and great company.

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