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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Lumberjack Meal

After screening through half a dozen firewood providers and dealing with an abundance of lack of professionalism, overpricing and attitude, I stumbled upon a great provider via Craigslist.

A friendly efficient guy who chops wood and cures it in his spare time will deliver and stack it for you. The stack included alder, black walnut and other variants that my shed now looks and smells like a German farmer's shed.

He also throws in a box of kindling and a flat of fresh farm eggs from his chicken farm, including double-yolk ones. 

Anyone interested in firewood, email me at and I will forward to him.

With temperatures below freezing, both the wood and the eggs were put to work immediately.

A beautiful crackling fire was started and the idea of a lumberjack breakfast for dinner was in progress.

Sunny side up fried eggs, steak and roasted potatoes. 

Those eggs were the best I have tasted in close to 30 years. I may be craving them for breakfast daily on those cold mornings.

Ah, the stomach was pleasantly full with a tasty high protein dinner.

  And a curious neighbourhood kittens was happy to explore the new wood.

Thank you B!

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