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Monday, 21 November 2011

Chili for Charity

Last August there was Sundae for Charity.

Today, too cold for ice cream, we were warmed up by a chili cook off. Four generous souls donated their time and specialty chili creations, dozens of employees ate (many having multiple bowls, including myself) and all proceeds (matched by the company) were donated across four not-for-profit organizations.

Not only did we eat, but we also voted on the creations for a winner of a Chili Cook Off Boasting Trophy. 

The four contestants were:

Described as "the perfect antidote to our dreary weather today", this was a freshly made basic chili.

It had a bite, and it was served with decadently shredded cheese.

"Delectably sweet with a chili kick and snappy in all the right places".

Spiced with roasted Ancho chili based Adobo sauce and erved with cilantro and cheese, it was a "masterpiece for the mouth".

I heard of and ate Hawaiian pizza, but never Hawaiian Chili. Huge chunks of pineapples sweetened up this spicy chili that, as someone said, "it makes your taste buds stand up and say 'whoa - hello there".

Traditional Colombian chile with plantain, roasted tomatoes and even a touch of cinnamon.

Thoroughly enjoyed over rice, someone said "I'd like the buy the chef's grandma a beer".

As typical research geeks, we did an online survey to choose a winner. Results came in quickly and the winner was Anita's Ancho Chili Chili. 

And four charities walked out with about $100 each.

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