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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sundae For Charity

The sun broke through the clouds around 2:00 pm today, just in time for an email announcing the latest Ipsos Charity Fund event taking place - build your own Sundae for $3.50 and all proceeds go to charity. Links to previous Ipsos Charity Funds blog entries below.

Start with ice cream options: Neapolitan, vanilla and French vanilla. "Why are there two vanillas?" someone asks, "just to mix it up" came the answer.

And for the older types like myself, there was a yogurt vanilla option. In fact, it looked creamier and tastier than all the others - happy with my choice.

Once you filled up your bowl, you go around buffet style for all sorts of toppings.

First, the syrups. We had a choice of chocolate, raspberry and caramel syrups.

The amazing surprise topping was Fluff Marshmallow Guimauve. Best described as marshmallow pate, but Wikipedia can tell you more. From my end, it was creamy, sweet, and white - just irresistible.

The rest of the toppings were as appealing to the sight as they were to the taste buds - two versions of M&Ms, crushed chocolate turtles, chocolate sprinkles, gummy bears, and cookie crumbles.

Piling up a platter like the one on top of this entry would have been too much for my reduce-waist-size project, so I ended up with this.

More from Ipsos Charity Fund eating: Caring Souls; Simple Pasta & Caesar Salad Dinner.

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