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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Diner in the Loft

Last summer, there was Diner Dans Le Jardin Secret.

Tonight, the charming hosts of Home Suite Home, Vancouver's most unique vacation rental and guest house, opened their loft for an American thanksgiving inspired dinner.

Seeing the hanging chicken chandelier welcoming the guests, one very quickly realizes that the bird of choice tonight is chicken. While everything was delicious, the stuffing, made with chunks of ham, apples, mushrooms, celery and celery root, was the table's hit.

The mashed potato pot steaming on the stove promised and delivered decadence - as it was made with sour cream and cream cheese.

There was also trois-legumes gratin with brussel sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli. But the taste buds were completely arrested by the home-made cranberry sauce.

A delicious combo of cranberries, maple syrup, orange juice and ginger made for a not-too-sweet nor too sour, but freshly out-of-this world cranberry sauce.

Platters were filled, refilled, and some refilled one more time given how tasty everything was.

But despite full stomachs and promises of nice long deep sleeps, there was still room for dessert.

A chocolate cake layered hazelnut butter cream was the production of the talented chef at Trafiq bakery and cafe @ 4216 Main Street.

This was thorougly enjoyed as diners wined, lounged, smoked, unwound and felt the warmth of a pleasant diner, charming loft and sincerely friendly company.

And Vancouver now looks forward to the largest display of Christmas decorations that began showing signs at Home Suite Home vacation rental and guest house (follow the action at blog).

Big Thank You FaP!

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Joya said...

Wow! Looking so yummy! I love the recipes, thanks for the share my favorite recipe. Cheers!

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