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Friday, 11 November 2011

Mellow Remembrance Day

A dear friend made her way to somerville kitchen through the hail storm that was followed by the wind storm. By now it was sunny so I asked her what would you like for dinner? "There is this Lebanese restaurant in the Westend that makes Kebbeh but not as good as yours". 

An hour later, we were back from a stroll on Fraser Street (conveniently not observing Remembrance Day) with four bags of groceries and the Kebbeh was in progress (click here for recipe).

Wine was poured, and an appetizer was in order. I recreated my Guacamole and Feta Dip appetizers from Tuesday night (read about it here).

Kitchen Tip
A new trick learnt from Replacement Chef on how to easily cut avocado.

Cut the full fruit in half. Then, stick a knife in the seed and twist. The seed comes out intact, the avocado peels off the skin easily and no mess is created.

With the food processor out, why not make some humus (click here for the authentic recipe).

And luckily enough I had a bit of leftover Kebbeh dough so I made them into small round patties (just like you make a hamburger patty). 

You then deep fry them in hot vegetable oil, a couple of minutes on each side until they turn dark brown. These made for a perfect accompaniment to the humus and served as a mid-evening second appetizer. 

They were excellent and devoured very quickly in front of the fire.

At some point during the mellow evening, the meal was ready. Amazing how well the food tastes when it is made leisurely.

The Kebbeh was served with a cabbage, tomato and dried mint salad with olive oil, crushed garlic, lemon juice and pepper dressing. 

We ate, and ate, and ate...

And the sweet mellow evening ended up with a selection of goodies from Fraser Street's pride bakery, Breka (

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