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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tagine in The Right Pot

After getting my bread box on credit card points (see What's In My Bread Box), I recently ordered those four stone pots on my credit union's Visa Desjardin points (I love credit unions). It was love at first sight once I opened the box.

So I just couldn't wait for the weekend to try making authentic Moroccan Tagine in my new Tagine pot. And it sure worked.

To assist me, I hung out with Claudia Roden and her cookbook The New Book of Middle Eastern Food (one of the most used cookbooks I have).

She has endless versions of Tagine, but my choice was Tagine T'Faia, a Moroccan dish that was brought back from Andalusia by the Moors after the Reconquista.

It is very simple, but needs time. A rainy Saturday gave me all the time in the world.

A base of olive oil, then chicken, chopped onions, chopped parsley, salt, pepper, turmeric, ground ginger (and I added a touch of Harissa). I surrounded the meat with potatoes, covered and simmered for the whole afternoon.

It turned out amazing. The chicken absorbed so much flavour and despite simmering for hours, the meat was still solid.

The potatoes were better than any steamed potatoes I have ever had, perfectly cooked and did not fall apart when cut into them.

I think you'd see this pot on my stove quite often.


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