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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Night on Granville Street

The Lotus awards are Vancouver's annual advertising awards, and part of my job is to attend.

This year, the gala took place at the Commodore Ballroom on Granville street, so here I went through black geared doormen (and woman) into an evening of loud music, youngsters and bad food.

The promise of an "improved menu" this year resulted in three such feeding stations throughout the Commodore - Moroccan spiced beef brochettes and Hoisin ginger chicken skewers; surrounded by humus, tzatziki and black been dips with fruit and cheeses. No good.

In addition, platters of pulled pork and meatball sliders were roaming around, looking as unhealthy as one gets. 

To make things balanced, platters of "healthy" poutine cones with vegetable gravy were also roaming - but the waiter was not as patient for me to take a picture of them as the sliders' guy was.

I mingle, I drink, I get hungrier, and I leave looking for substance on Granville Street (most likely an oxymoron). And I see this:

A traditional Saudi Arabian & Lebanese Cuisine? I never thought Saudi's were known for their cuisine, but then again I never had a chance to eat Saudi food.

Opening hours till 4 am made it even more intriguing -  I could not resist such a rare blogging opportunity.

The place had a friendly Lebanese family working it and a Japanese young lady serving. It had bright lighting that contradicted with the cozy red thick material seating (with no one in the restaurant, but then again it was barely 8 pm and the place has another 8 hours of operations to go).

I decided to try something Saudi (there were only 3 dishes that did not sound Lebanese including a Biryani). So I opted for a take-out Kabsa (described as baked lamb with exotic spices). 

I was dreaming of a wonderful new eating experience, specially with the side of humus and the "on the house" cheese Sambousik.

The humus was authentic but I am not sure I am impressed with Saudi food - tasteless, greasy, and no spices to write home about.

Oh Granville Street, will you ever grow up?


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