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Friday, 10 February 2012

Die Mittagspause

Freitag Mittag bin ich sehr hungrig. Ich wolle Deutsche Essen. So gehe ich nach Deutscheus Haus (4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC).

Der Schwarzwälder Zwiebelkuchen was perfect for my mood.

The Gedecke comes mit die Tagessuppe, which was not to my liking and I tried to replace it with the Goulash but they wouldn't budge. 

Well, for $6.00 extra I was very quickly eating a hearty bowl of delicious Goulash, packed with meat, potatoes and spices.

But the efficient server replaced die Tagessuppe mit der Salat. 

Lots of greens with delicious light salad dressing. After all of this, I was not sure I can still fit in der Zwiebelkuchen.

But look at this production, how can I resist.

It was less of a quiche and more of a brioche oozing of butter and stuffed with lightly fried slices of onions and bacon and covered in melted cheese. 

Heavy? Yes. Tasty? Very much so.

The Gedecke comes with dessert and it was ein hunky piece of apfelstrudel served with two white balls that deceivingly looked like ice-cream but they were pure fresh cream.

By now, it was way too late to count, or worry about, calories...

 Deutches Haus
4875 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Alpen Club (Deutsches Haus) on Urbanspoon

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