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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Monday Night with Nigel

Nigel Slater's tenderness returned to somerville kitchen on Monday night (read about his first visit at Sunday Night with Nigel). 

The timing of the visit was perfect - two days before lent started today... 

...since the meat of his affection was soaking in cream.

He said 2 glasses of white wine, I poured a shot of sherry.

He said a huge pie is less trouble than lasagna. 

But I still had to heat up three pots - the pasta, the creamy chicken and mushrooms, and the spinach.

How did it all end? 

It was all worth this more handsome-than-Nigel looking pie (could this be)?

A fine encounter indeed, despite a slight indiscretion - cheddar instead of Parmesan. Would you forgive me Nigel? 

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