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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It's All Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, it is all pancakes.

And somerville kitchen, ready to give up any white and/or creamy food, indulged in pancakes tonight.

Creative thinking is always in abundance at somerville kitchen.

While the base is nothing than Aunt Jemima's mix, a beautiful apple turned into chunks and added to the mix made all the difference.

The grill got busy.

Pork sausages and steak chunks from Windsor Quality Meats (4110 Main St); eggs from my lumberjack; and the lovely apple-chunky pancakes.

Hunger overtook design. And to fit enough on the grill, pancake shapes went crazy.

Despite the shapes, all was tasty and indulging. 

So what I won't be able to eat from here the next 40 days? The eggs (white), the pancakes (white flour and milk); hmmm, guess it will be a high protein diet as I double up on sausages and steaks.

What are your lent stories? Leave comments or follow somerville kitchen on Twitter (@somervillektchn) and let's chat #lentstories.

Note to followers: While the next 40 days will mainly revolve around #lentstories, I will keep you entertained with the usual recipes, places to eat and places to try including the recipe for my mom's Lebanese-style rice pudding despite its whiteness and creaminess. Keep reading.

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