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Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday Chicken Soup

Don't worry mom, I am not sick. It is just a cold wet Monday night and I craved a plain simple chicken soup.

Here's how I did it without stepping foot into a grocery store.

This is not some weird material from Mars you see. It is a chunk of frozen home made chicken broth that I found in the freezer. The chunk, along with frozen cooked chicken pieces were thrown into my favourite soup pot.

Then I rummaged through my vegetable bag on the patio and found those - a potato, two carrots and some celery sticks.

All were chopped and added to the pot.

Left over brown rice from yesterday's production (read Sunday Dinner Vegan Style) were added to the pot.

And I went on with my Monday chores leaving the soup to simmer and cook.

What a nice dinner this was. And here is my favourite soup pot (thank you pot giver).

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